The Smartest Path to Marksmanship Mastery®

AccuShoot is a machine learning-based application that digitizes the marksmanship experience by monitoring target and shooter in real-time, tracking shooter evolution over time, and recommending drills to develop and maintain marksmanship proficiency quickly and consistently.

Real-time Scoring

AccuShoot eliminates tedious record keeping by automatically detecting, scoring, and tracking shots made in real-time, freeing trainees and instructors to focus on ways to actually improve their marksmanship.

Skill Deficiencies

AccuShoot analyzes stance, grip, and trigger control in real-time to detect skill deficiencies and blindspots in a data-evidenced manner. Personalized recommendations help correct common mistakes and bad habits.

Discover Insights

AccuShoot evaluates data across multiple shooters and firearms to unveil hidden patterns in marksmanship skills, firearms, ammunition, environmental conditions, targets and drills.